About me

 I know this is Crazy right?  Running an ad to meet someone?  I can say my entire life I have always found creative unusual ways to solve problems…. its in my nature. I always think outside of the box.


My name is Tom and I love to put my energy into positive pursuits. Traveling, boating, fishing and anything fitness related are some of my favorites. Great conversation with fun-loving people who enjoy witty humor beats gossip any day of the week.

I’m a problem-solver by nature, so rather than complain, I like to focus on finding solutions.  Working in real estate has allowed me to sharpen these skills.  I’m an active listener who approaches nearly any situation with level-headedness and appreciate the same qualities in others.


I recently started my own brokerage—a big step in my career. I’m looking to take my personal life to the next level, as well, with an intelligent person who isn’t afraid to chase her dreams. Honesty combined with just the right amount of silliness is very important to me.  And a love for Star Trek would be a bonus, but by all means, not a prerequisite!

Chatting over a casual dinner makes a great first meeting. And then, if you’re up for it, we can explore cool new activities together—maybe something unforgettable that you’ve always wanted to try. I’m always game.